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An innovative company, specialising in the conception,
 development, production and distribution of
 enhanced environmental products

 Mexel in brief


OSEO Excellence 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 - 2014
Innovation trophy - French transport association (FF3C) 2012
Sustainable Development - Trophy French Region
Recognized as a BAT’s “Best Available Techniques”
Validated by EPRI – USA - 2009
ISO 9001 Certification – 2015
Winner of the Deloitte Nord-Picardie - 2011 trophy
MexDiesel tested by the UTAC
US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) agreement – 2014
OSPAR Convention

Water and Oil
Industrial processes

Laboratory and production centre in Verberie, France
Offices in France, The Netherlands, Morocco, The Philippines,
USA and Hong Kong.
Network of agents and representatives in some twenty countries
ISO 9001 : version 2008
Several international patents

Interfaces Solid/Liquid :

Development of anti-fouling, anti scaling, and anticorrosion product (Products Mexel 432®) for treatment of open, semi-opened or closed circuit, with sea, brackish r salt water.

Development of released agent for formworks. (Products AquaMexOil®)

Interfaces Liquid/Liquid :

Development of phytosanitary adjuvants for crop application (Products MexAgri® )

Interfaces Liquid/Liquid and Air/Liquid :

Development of products dedicated to Fuel treatment

(Product range: Mexel Mexbustor® - Mexdiesel® - Mexfuel®)

The Mexel technology is based on the principle of surface treatment and not on the mass of circulating water.

Mexel 432


Mexel Industries

Route de Compiegne
60410 Verberie
Tél. :+33 (0)3 44 38 39 40